My second year working at Mozilla

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This week marked my second year Mozillaversary. I did plan to write this blog post of the 15th April, which would have marked the day I started, but this week flew by so quickly I almost completely missed it!


Carrying on from last years blog post, most of my second year at Mozilla has been spent working on various parts of, to which I made a total of 196 commits this year.

Firefox on-boarding

Much of my time has been spent working on Firefox on-boarding. Following the success of the on-boarding flow we built for the Firefox 29 Australis redesign last year, I went on to work on several more on-boarding flows to help introduce new features in Firefox. This included a UITour for the newly rebranded Firefox Developer Edition /firstrun experience, as well as updates to the existing Firefox tour for new features such as the refined search UI and Firefox Hello.

Screenshot of Firefox Developer Edition /firstrun tour page
Firefox Developer Edition /firstrun tour page

Firefox Hello FTU

Because of the UITour experience I have gained, I also got pulled in to work on the first time user experience (FTU) for when a user makes their first Firefox Hello video call. Hello is a new feature in Firefox that enables real time video chat via WebRTC.

Screenshot of Firefox Hello
Firefox Hello

The FTU was another UITour page that communicated with Hello, guiding users through how to use the feature to make their first video call. It was all a crazy amount of work from a lot of different people, but something I really enjoyed getting to work on alongside various other teams at Mozilla.

Mozilla homepage

Outside of Firefox oriented work, I also got to work on the redesigned 2015 homepage. Being the main front-page that represents Mozilla and what we do, this is something I consider quite a privilege to work on.

Screenshot of Mozilla 2015 homepage
Mozilla 2015 homepage

All-hands and work weeks

On the travel front, I got to visit both San Fransisco and Santa Clara a bunch more times (I’m kind of losing count now). I also got to visit Portland for the first time when Mozilla had their all-hands week last December, which was such a great city to spend time in.

I’m looking forward to whatever year three has in store!

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