Concierge - A responsive UI component for installing Open Web Apps.

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Concierge is a responsive UI component for installing Open Web Apps via the browser. It creates an automated “install” button that can be used in any web app, using app manifest meta data to populate the UI.


  • Displays the app name and icon as part of the install button UI.
  • Only shows on browsers that support installable Open Web Apps.
  • Button will only appear if the app has not yet been installed on a device.

Try the demo below on Firefox OS, Firefox for Android, or Firefox for desktop. Try the online demo here


Please see the GitHub repo for setup instructions.


var install = new Concierge({
    onSuccess: successCallback,
    onError: errorCallback

function successCallback () {
    console.log('App installed!');

function errorCallback (error) {
    console.error('Concierge() error: ' + error);

Also make sure to include the CSS styles in your template.

<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="concierge.css" />

Supported web browsers

Open Web Apps are currently supported by Firefox OS, Firefox for Android and Firefox for desktop.

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