Visibility.js - A cross-browser plugin for using the Page Visibility API

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Since the Page Visibility API now has fairly wide browser support, I decided to put together a simple component for handling and detecting web page visibility changes. Because most browsers still use this feature under an experimental vendor prefix, the JavaScript can be somewhat cumbersome and a pain to rewrite. Visibility.js handles all the vendor prefix messiness for you, and provides a simple API for registering visibility change callbacks.


Please see the GitHub repo for setup instructions.


Create a new Visibility instance, passing the relevant callbacks you need.

var page = new Visibility({
    onHidden: hiddenCallback,
    onVisible: visibleCallback

function hiddenCallback () {
    console.log('hidden callback');

function visibleCallback () {
    console.log('visible callback');

Useful methods

  • isHidden (returns boolean) - manually check to see if the page is hidden.
  • isSupported (returns boolean) - test for Page Visibility API browser support.
  • destroy - remove event listener and callbacks.


Testing relies upon Karma test runner and Phantom JS. To install these dependencies, run the following command from the project root.

npm install

Then to perform a single pass of the tests run:

npm test

Supported web browsers


Visibility.js is released under open source MIT License.

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